Your Data is Important to Us.
It's Also Safe.

We understand that protecting data is more important than ever. That’s why SmartRent believes in keeping data safe and secure. We take every precaution in protecting your data through encryption and the installed devices we use in units are also held to those same standards.

We respect your privacy and aim to make sure that you always feel comfortable in your own home. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal data from unauthorized use.

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Your Data is Private

Keeping your information private is our top priority. SmartRent is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. Rest assured we do not sell your data. To anyone. No matter how nicely they ask.

Data Privacy

Your Data is Secure

We work hard to earn your trust with your personal information. We encrypt our connection using ciphers compliant with industry standards to keep your data secure. We also keep up to date on any security incidents so we can update our software in order to combat any threats.

Data Security

Your Home is Safe

We acknowledge that keyless entry can seem insecure, but we assure you we are not sharing your access credentials with property management or anyone else. You decide who to share access codes with. In the event your access code does not work, our support team is highly trained to ask qualifying questions to make sure it really is you asking for assistance in entry. We do not share any data over the phone or chat; you will be the one to provide this information.

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Smart Homes Should Be Smart

There’s no need to run the air conditioning or have lights on when no one is home. Letting smart home technology learn your habits and schedule shouldn’t be scary, it should save you money. Our aim is to help multifamily communities attain a level of technological advances that allow renters a higher quality of life and help property managers become more efficient.

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